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Happy Clients

“Empowering, pioneering, and inspiring”

Monica’s no-nonsense approach is truly a breath of fresh air in an industry full of BS. After just one session, we were able to clearly define our goals and objectives in a way that made sense and has since put us on the path that we want to be on. She is empowering, pioneering, and inspiring. Do yourself the favour and talk to her NOW!

Red Gazelle

“Helped the band set a targeted plan”

Monica helped the band set a targeted plan for the release and promotion of our new music, and helped keep the band on track and accountable for the success of the campaign. As a band with some experience already, the refocus and accountability piece really helped sharpen our plan of attack...A great wealth of knowledge.”

Our Last Enemy

“Mere recordings to proper releases”

I would highly recommend this to anyone who feels they have great songs, but are stuck wondering how to move forward. Monica is an excellent teacher, with plenty of personal industry experience to back up her lessons. You’ll learn how to take your songs from mere recordings to proper releases, and hopefully set yourself up for success!”


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