36 | 10 Things I’d Do if I Had to Start My Band From Scratch

This one was inspired by Angie Lee who published an episode on her podcast stating 10 things she’d do if she had to start her business from scratch! I found it super interesting and helpful so decided to do my own version!

What would you do differently if you had to start over again? Drop a comment below!

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Show Notes

  1. Get really clear on what I was looking for – especially commitment level of bandmates and what they can bring to the business
  2. Get social media handles sorted early so no one else can take them
  3. Write for a while before recording to get used to each other and figure our our style
  4. Work with a producer to ensure your songs are the best they can be
  5. Don’t get caught up with made up deadlines
  6. Don’t be stingy – if you’re afraid to invest in your band, you can’t expect anyone else to
  7. Launch with a single + video and do a PR campaign (even if it’s DYI – get my PR Course here and use the code ‘SHRED’ to get 20% off)
  8. Understand the importance of a PR campaign – it’ll give you more exposure, credibility and more social media content
  9. Don’t play any old show – hold out for shows that will be worth it and especially don’t overplay (the definition of this will vary city to city)
  10. Ask for help & up-skill as much as possible to give your band the best chance to succeed

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