11 | Resilience and Being Your Own Record Label with Lindsay Schoolcraft

I’m so excited to bring to you one of my favourite interviews EVER so far with Lindsay Schoolcraft!

Lindsay is not only the keyboardist and backing vocalist in Cradle of Filth, but has just released her debut solo record, Martyr, which is out now on all platforms!

We talk about resilience, being your own record label, music marketing, investing in yourself and never letting others’ opinions hold you back. Such a powerful chat, and I’ve left some key takeaways for you all below!

Order Lindsay’s debut album ‘Martyr’ now: lindsayschoolcraft.com

You’re not unique, everything has been done, get over it.

Lindsay Schoolcraft

Show Notes

Imposter Syndrome

Many of us hold ourselves back because we’re afraid of what others’ may think or feel like we don’t deserve success.  

“I was scared people were going to call me like an Amy Lee copycat because I worked with the original drummer of Evanescence. I was scared they were going to call me ‘outdated.’  No one said anything mean!

None of my big insecurities have shown, people just love the music because I was very genuine and I crafted it with so much care and love and dove into being an artist 110%.”

Self-development and self-care is important in managing imposter syndrome and your energy.

Lindsay, like many successful entrepreneurs, has a morning routine where she meditates, practices gratitude and mentally plans the day.

“It’s crushed all of that insecurity, it’s crushed all of that crappy shit that people could potentially say about me.”

Never take advice from people that aren’t where you want to be – especially when it comes to online trolls!

“Remember the person who says shitty things is probably miserable and probably has a shitty life. Don’t take it into account. They’re not an expert.”

You don’t need a record label.

But if you do want one, you still need to be making stuff happen on your own first and you still need to be business-savvy.

“Coming into a record label now, you already need to be self-sufficient on your own.  But now I know what I know through my training and research…I don’t feel that there is a need for a record label anymore if you know what people to get involved, and how to get them involved, and how to invest your money, and how to invest your time.”

Get a great team around you.

Important people Lindsay has in her team are:

  • Publicist (Lindsay uses Dewar PR)
  • Digital Marketing Manager (Circuit Music)
  • Manager (Noel Peters, Inertia)
  • Booking Agent (Noel Peters, Inertia)
  • Assistant (From local music college)
  • Graphic Designer (Lindsay Martin O’Brien)

Get to know what merch your fans actually want to buy.

Lindsay surveyed her audience, “So I wouldn’t spend money on stupid things. I literally wanted to make mugs and scarves and notebooks and candles and, none of my fans wanted that so I’m so glad I surveyed my fans and asked them what merch they like buying!”

Also ensure you know where your fans like to hang out online and spend time nurturing those platforms.

This is why I’m not on the Tik Tok train (yet). Whilst this platform can be cool for some genres, my followers are in metal bands and don’t hang out on this platform. Their potential fans are also not really on Tik Tok as Tik Tok generally has a very young audience.

When Lindsay surveyed her fans, she found that a whopping 55% still preferred Facebook. Prior to that she thought Instagram was going to work best for her. Knowing this saved her money when it came to Facebook ads and also helped her build her fanbase quicker as she wasn’t stabbing in the dark to find other likeminded people, she knew where and how to find and target them.

Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and your band.

It’s a long-term game. You will not see a return on investment straight away but investing money into your music is a necessary part of the journey. Lindsay says she’s invested maybe up to hundreds of thousands of dollars into her music over the last 2 decades but it’s all paid off.

“Yes, music in damn-well expensive…but it does build up to something where eventually you will get your dedicated fans who will continue to pay for your career. But that’s not going to happen until you have these building blocks in place.”

Good investments to make:

  • Professional photos
  • Good music production
  • Marketing collateral i.e. banners

Stay Focused and avoid toxic unsupportive people.

Do not allow others to justify your talents or goals. Lindsay always knew her purpose in life but fell into the trap of playing ‘small’ as not to intimidate other people in her life that didn’t have the same big dreams. Many of us pursuing a career in the entertainment industry may have experienced this too at one time or another and it’s a slippery slope.

It’s really important to surround yourself with those who back you. One of those people for Lindsay was the producer on her record and Evanescence drummer, Rocky Gray.

“I’ve always known my purpose…I made sure this was my only option and I was going to make it work no matter what.”

P.S. This is the YouTube video I mention where Lindsay gives some AMAZING music industry advice!

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