14 | 5 Unexpected Lessons From Music College

When I left highschool there was nothing else I wanted to study except music.
Yes, music college taught me about my instrument (bass and vocals) but in terms of business stuff, honestly, it wasn’t super applicable to being a musician in what was fast becoming a very different type of music industry.

This episode breaks down some of the unexpected lessons I did learn from studying music at university. These are lessons that I still use today, and lessons I highly recommend you keep in mind as you purside your own careers!

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Show Notes

Here are the 5 unexpected lessons I took from music college:

  1. The music industry isn’t for everyone. 

    On our very first day of uni, one of the lectures stood in front of everyone and declared that in 5 year’s time, only 2 our of the 100 students in this room will still be doing music. He was right!

    ‘I will be one of them,’ I smuggly thought to myself sitting in the front row. Whilst that can seem arrogant (also I’ve come close to quitting countless times), I believe one of the reasons I’m still doing music is because I know my, ‘Why’ i.e. there’s a bigger reason beyond myself as to why I want to pursue music.

  2. A degree in music doesn’t guarantee job

    Seems obvious, but definitely wasn’t to many of my peers.

    Of course some went on to do teaching or other complimentary degrees after our time at music college was over, but being a musician means being an entrepreneur – you have to carve your own path!

  3. The Power of community

    Being a musician isn’t a path you can go on along.  I’m not just talking about collabs, but also the moral support required from your peers in this very hard industry

  4. We have the power to choose who we want to be

    Coming out of highschool and into uni and a new group of people, I had the opportunity to reinvent myself and step into who I really was. I was studying what I loved and had a newfound conficence because of that.

    However I wasn’t always confident. I struggled with comparing myself to other bass players which a couple of mentors (Rick Grossman of Hoodoo Gurus/Divinyls was my main mentor) helped me with adjusting my mindset.

  5. The Power of Networking

    Some networks I had at college are still relevant now!  I have uni friends who work for record labels, touring companies and are managers!

    You never know where people will end up or who they’ll be in the future so treating everyone with respect along the way is especially important (just don’t be an asshole in life and it’ll pay off, I promise)!