15 | Music Marketing & Dealing With Trolls With Jayson Evans

Super pumped to bring you this episode with Jayson Evans – Music marketer, musician, producer, podcaster and more!

This episode covers so many topics from music marketing, how to deal with musician burnout and dealing with online trolls (which is a reality pretty much anyone who has a presence on the internet will eventually face)!

Jayson has a wealth of knowledge to share. Not only is he utterly obsessed with music, psychology, and marketing, but his old band was signed to a label, he ran his own label for a while and has worked as a producer and mentor to musicians of all genres for years!

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By the way, I was on Jayson’s podcast not too long ago (which was actually recorded after this one). Make sure you give that a listen too as we talk about what to do if you have seen a drop in engagement on your band’s social media pages!

Check it out here