16 | Biggest Lessons from Music this Decade (Interview with Marshall Street)

Super fun episode with lots of laughs with the Marshall Street Studios crew!

This recording was actually taken from their podcast where we talk about my journey when bands should release an album, social media marketing, one of my biggest regrets as a musician, dealing with lineup changes and the HUGE bombshell that was dropped on my band mid-2019!

I called it “Biggest Lessons from Music this Decade” because we really do cover a lot of my story and lessons from the past 10 years.  I hope you enjoy it!

Make sure you find the Marshall Street Podcast on your fav podcast app and subscribe and if you want to see our beautiful faces head to YouTube and you’ll find the video recording of the episode there.

P.S. we are announcing a Marshall Street X Monica Strut collaboration on Sunday night during my January Live Q&A! Click here to join us!

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