20 | 10 Ways to Capitalise on a Big Support Show

So, your band has just scored your first big support slot! Here are 10 ways you can capitalise on the opportunity, so you can ensure you get plenty more!

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Show Notes

  1. Capture the night with a videographer & photographer

    Edit short clips for socials to hype next show. There’ll probably be press there for photos but you want to ensure you capture as much content as possible for social media and to document the fact you supported the show!

  2. Social media, leading up to, during and after.

    Get photos with the bigger band if they’re accessible. Get photos with the crowd behind you. Be on stories documenting backstage (obvs you’ll need a 30min or an hour before you go on to get in the zone warm up or whatever so I like to stay off social media and go within).

    But and go live during the show, get your manager, a tech, a partner who won’t get in the way of other staff to go live for you side of stage or even in front. 

    Tell your fans to put you on their stories and share after, there’s so much you can do to really milk the show on socials! 
  1. Share reviews and add media quotes to your press kit

    Media quotes are powerful, they make you more legitimate as a band so take advantage of them when they do come through. Leading on, add the fact you supported the band to your band bio everywhere!

  2. Sell tickets

    Prove you were worth the risk. Run ads, sell physicals, whatever you have to do to make a good impression.

  3. Ensure you bring all your merch

    If people like you they’ll buy your merch, simple as that.

  4. Talk to punters

    Ensure you are at the merch desk soon after the show finishes to sign stuff, take photos and talk to your new fans! If you have an email list, get people to sign up! This isn’t a local show, this is a big boy show so fully step into that and embrace it! Don’t act like a rockstar and hide in the dressing room.  This is a crucial opportunity so you don’t want to miss it!

  5. Be professional

    Arrive on time, be easy to work with etc. This is key to making it in this industry!

  6. Network

    Don’t be afraid to talk to people. Network with the bands, industry attending the show, the sound guy, everyone! But do read the room as sometimes people don’t want to be bothered.

  7. Follow up on those networks

    If someone passes on their details and you email but don’t hear back, make sure you follow up!

  8. Make sure you play well

    This is not the time to wing anything. Rehearse everything from your transitions between songs, banter and callouts to the audience and how you’re going to move on stage.