22 | How to Plan Your Band’s Year Ahead to Smash Your Goals

Planning the year ahead as a band is so important. Not only does it give you milestones to look forward to, but ensures everyone is on the same page and held accountable so your band moves forward at the rate you want it to!

In this episode, I break down the easiest method for planning your band’s year ahead to make sure you are working effectively towards the goals you want to achieve!

Show Notes

How to plan your year ahead:

Step 1: Have an in-person meeting (they’re more productive and fun) and dedicate the necessary time (I recommend a whole day) to do this exercise

Step 2: Set your high-level goals for the year, from who you want to play with/support to which releases are coming out. We used Asana to map this out.

Step 3: Arrange your goals in a rough order of how you’d like to achieve them. Each goal likely feeds into another and you may need to check some stuff off before progressing onto the next thing.

Step 4: Break each goal down into smaller tasks/goals. If you want to do a headline show, this could look like –

  • Finalise approx gig dates
  • Deciding on/pitching to a venue
  • Choosing the support bands
  • Setting up pre-sale tickets, etc.

Step 5: Assign due dates + band members to each task so you know who is responsible for what and when each thing needs to be done by. I’m a firm believer in each band member pulling their weight with the business side of things!

Links & Resources

Project management tool I’m using: app.asana.com

Not sure where to start when it comes to setting goals and planning how to actually achieve them? Check out my Band Consulting packages and let’s propel your band’s productivity this year!

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