29 | Getting a Band Manager + Balancing Your Day Job and Music With Jaz Yates

Today I’m chatting to local band manager Jaz Yates! Jaz manages several local bands and runs her own business all while juggling a part-time day job!

In contrast to my interview with Blasko (listen to that interview here) who is the manager of heavyweights, Zak Wylde & Black Veil Brides (as well as being the bassist on Ozzy Osbourne’s band), Jaz takes on bands at a much smaller level. As such, she has a slightly different perspective and a lot of what she has to say will definitely pertain to you guys.

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In this episode, we talk about what she’s looking for when bringing new bands onto her roster, how to get on someone’s radar, what her day-to-day activities are as a manager and how she juggles her busy weeks whilst still making time for her own mental health and mindset.

What I really loved about our discussion (aside from the fact we were able to do it in person with a glass of wine in hand), is that a big personal focus of Jaz’s is on mental health and self-care.

As you would have heard in my latest podcast episode Looking After Your Mental Health in the Music Industry (listen here), this is also an important topic for me, particlarly right now.

I love the way Jaz makes time for her wellbeing each and every week, specifically blocking out non-negotiable time in her calendar to practice yoga (which I’ve actually started to do as well since our discussion)!

Mental health is also a focus within her work as a band manager. As she explains in the interview, when members of the bands she manages are struggling, it certainly affects the rest of the band and the outcome of their activities so it’s really important for her to have a handle on where her bands are at with their own mental health in order to keep moving the band forward.

We all need to make time to nourish our mental health, whatever that looks like to us and we shouldn’t feel guilty about that either. Personally for me, all members of my own band are really open and honest with one another about how we are going mentally and it’s a breath of fresh air!

Enjoy this chat with Jaz and make sure you subscribe and tell your bandmates to tune in as well!

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