3 | Ask Me Anything – Band politics, making money from music, tips for planning a tour and more!

In this #askmeanything episode I answer all your band-related questions!
Want tips for planning a tour?  Dealing with band politics?  Do bands actually make money anymore? How do you even know if you’re succeeding as a musician?

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Show Notes

Skip to a question that youre most interested in by using the timestamps below!

3:13 – If you’re recording new music do you think it makes more sense, to be cryptic or be more transparent and use that as promotion?

7:00 – Tips for promoting gigs when you’re a new band.

9.20 – How to go about promoting your band’s social media without overloading or spamming people.

P.S. Check out my article How to Not Annoy People on Social Media By Promoting Your Band’s Shit for more on this topic! This article went VIRAL by the way!

12:40 – How to plan a tour and actually play to people (and make money)

19:08 – How do you know if you’re succeeding? How do you cope with the highs and lows.

24:55 – How to deal with band politics.

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