3 Easy Social Media Tips to Get Your Band More Exposure

1. Share all posts from the band Facebook page.

Whenever your band posts on Facebook, have all members share the post from the band page straight away. High engagement within the first hour shows Facebook your post is interesting and the algorithms will show that post to more people.

Doing this, as opposed to uploading a promo video separately on your own timeline, for example, means you don’t split view or share stats across multiple pages. Everything adds up on the single post making it have more impact and in turn, reach.

A bonus of this is also that people in your personal network can easily click through to your band page if they want to ‘like’ it.

2. Take your Profiles off Private

I’ve spoken about this a lot and really hone in on this in my social media course, Social Media Shredder. But if you’re in a band you’re on the path to becoming a ‘public figure.’ Part of being a ‘public figure’ is putting yourself out there. So take your social media pages off private.

Think about it. If all 5 of your band members are building their profiles at the same time as the band, you automatically have 5X more reach than sharing things on your band profile alone. That’s 5 more ways people can discover your band and 5 more opportunities to gain more exposure.

Yes this is scary and no you don’t need to share every aspect of your life online. However the secret to attracting a loyal and highly engaged following is by forming personal connections with your followers not only through your band’s social media accounts, but through your own as well. This doesn’t mean you have to become an ‘influencer’ or work towards 100K followers on your Instagram. However the more that people can get to know you as a person, the more likely it is they will feel involved in your journey and give you that support.

3. Utilise Video

Video is huge right now. It’s such an engaging medium and you can convey your message much more efficiently and with a greater impact, by using video.

In fact, sponsored videos on Instagram get three times more comments on average than sponsored photos. (Source: Mediakix.com).

When it comes to Facebook, Facebook-hosted videos are always going to do better than dropping a link to your YouTube video. This is because Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t like it when you try and direct people off their website…fair enough!

Not only that but you can build views much faster on Facebook than you can on YouTube. It only takes someone watching 3 seconds of a Facebook video for it to count as a ‘view.’ However it takes 30 seconds of watch time to count as a view on YouTube.

Aside from being highly engaging, video is also highly shareable. So whether it be a Facebook Live, pre-recorded behind the scenes video or more, video definitely has be ability to get your band way more exposure than just posting text or photos alone will.

Of course, the most powerful asset your band can put out is a video clip. I have recently put out a Step by Step Guide to Planning Your Bands Video Clip which you can download for free here!

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