3 Types of Facebook Ads to Get Exposure + Grow Your Audience

Advertising is an essential part of promoting your music and Facebook Ads are a core component.

In this episode, we talk about the three types of Facebook ads your band should run in order to grow your audience, get exposure for releases, sell merch or tickets to your shows.

You’ll get a quick breakdown of what the three types of ads work best for, at what stage in your career or release cycle you should use them, as well as some do’s and don’ts to get you started.

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The unholy trinity of Facebook ads

Whether it’s a single, EP, or album, you absolutely need to have a budget set aside for advertising.

I’m hitting you with the three types of Facebook ads that I recommend you run whenever you have a new release:

  1. Awareness Ad
  2. Engagement Ad
  3. Traffic Campaign

An awareness ad is essentially a “likes” 👍 campaign, an engagement ad is particularly good when you are releasing videos, and a traffic ad is great for Spotify pre-saves or if you just want to divert people to YouTube for a video clip.

Makes total sense right? 


Good, let’s dive in! 🤿

Learn how to master Facebook ads and market like a pro

Before we get started, I should tell you that Facebook Ads is this month’s theme in our Being In A Band membership! We’ll dive deep into the guts of Facebook ads with step-by-step tutorials, where I’m going to walk you through setting up a real ad.

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This is going to be short, sharp, and extremely clear. By the end of it, Facebook ads won’t seem so overwhelming – I promise! In fact, you’ll feel empowered to take advantage of this platform. 

Awareness Ads

This type of ad is probably one of the most overused ads when it comes to musicians, and it’s understandable because you want to get more and more likes on your page! The problem is when that happens, the numbers that you get are really just vanity metrics. They won’t do squat for you. 

Facebook likes do not mean what they did five years ago. A lot of people falsely think that the more Facebook likes you have, then the more followers and fans you have – this is 100% not the case and people in the industry can see through this!!

So, a lot of people accidentally misuse the awareness campaigns feature and are not 🎯 targeting it properly, which results in hollow likes that aren’t translating into real fans or real engagement. 

You end up with a lot of randoms on your page, who never ever engage with you, never buy tickets 🎫 to your shows, and never download your music.

Not only that but having the wrong people on your Facebook page can actually impact your potential for future ads! I’m talking about retargeting ads and look-alike audiences. These kinds of ads target people who are similar to the people already following your page

You do not need to have 10,000 followers on Facebook for the industry to be interested in you. I’ve seen it time and time again where bands who only have 2000 followers go on to achieve incredible international touring deals, festival slots, and media opportunities because they cultivated a genuine fan base.

So, when should you run an awareness campaign? 

When you’re first starting out and you’ve just created your band page, or maybe you’ve released your first single 🎵, or maybe you just aren’t getting the traffic to your band’s page that you should, then doing an awareness campaign is going to be beneficial for giving you that exposure outside of your existing network. 

You can also look at doing awareness campaigns at strategic points throughout your career. For example, if you’re just about to put out a new release, then an awareness campaign can build up those numbers, get more people onto your page who are going to be interested in that release, then when your release comes out you’ve got more people to actually tell 📣 about it. 

Cultivating a small, genuine, fan base is much better than an audience who never buys from you and does not give a shit.

Ideally, you want to run an awareness ad to get your page over the 1000 likes threshold. This sounds a little bit contradictory to what I said before, but this ties into your reach (we touch on this in my membership) when you have less than 1000 likes.

But don’t just rush off to blow money 💰 on an awareness ad unless you really need it! I do think that’s a little bit of a waste of money. If you’re in a band with multiple band members, then take advantage of your friends on your personal page! Try doing it organically first (you can send me a DM on Instagram and I can tell you some tactics to get more followers) before throwing money at Facebook. 

Being a musician myself, I know that there’s a lot of stuff that you need to pay for when you’re in a band, and frankly, I don’t really think that it’s the best strategy or use of your money. I much rather have you save that money and do a high-quality photoshoot 📷 every six months or so than to be continuously running $5 $10 a day ads for no real purpose.

Engagement Ads

The primary goal of an engagement campaign is to get engagement on the video and get people interacting.

I really like running engagement ads on things like new videos. If you’ve uploaded your full video clip 🎞️ onto your Facebook page, then an engagement ad can really really bode well in terms of not only attracting new people to that video but to your page as well! 

Having that engagement on the video is really going to boost that video in the algorithm, show it to more people and make sure that that video gets in front of not only your existing followers but other people who will potentially turn into fans. 

Now you may be thinking, “okay, but why wouldn’t you do an ad for views when it comes to a video clip?”

I’ve seen it before where a band has got 20,000 views on their Facebook video but zero comments. How fucking weird does that look? That’s because Facebook targets ads for views at accounts that are going to deliver views for the lowest cost.

Well, I find that when you do an engagement ad, the views are automatically going to go up anyway. Plus they’re higher quality views because Facebook targets the engagement ad at people who are actually likely to engage. 

Much like the awareness campaign, if you’re not targeting it properly, then you’re just going to get “Hello” 👋 views and those people aren’t going to turn into fans of your project. 

An engagement campaign is a much better campaign to run when it comes to uploading full videos on to your Facebook. You also have the option to include a button that can go to your link tree 💻 to listen to that track, or watch that video!

If you’re just starting out and haven’t released many singles before, I definitely recommend uploading your full video on Facebook! It has the capacity to get exposure to way more people than just uploading it on YouTube alone and then trying to direct people off a platform like Facebook or Instagram onto YouTube.

Traffic Campaigns

This is really good for stuff like Spotify pre-saves! 

Typically before a single comes out, you’ll be promoting the link to pre-save that single and pre-save campaigns are fantastic because they really give your song a head start before it’s even released. The more people who are pre-saving your song 🎶 and following your Spotify, then the more likely you can get on editorial playlists because it’s going to boost that song in the Spotify algorithm when it is released. 

If you’re in an early stage band, then uploading your full video clip to Facebook is really beneficial in getting that exposure.

I highly recommend doing a traffic ad on Facebook when you’re running a pre-save campaign, a traffic ad basically means you get people to click on a link where they get diverted to a website. 

That website will usually be some sort of link tree. I don’t mean literal link tree, I’m talking about link trees that are specifically designed for the music industry. 

Feature.fm or ToneDen are two examples of link trees.

They enable you to create a landing page for all the different types of streaming platforms and video platforms your music is on. It can have links to Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Bandcamp – whatever you want! People won’t have to search for the link to the streaming service 🎧 they prefer. It’s just all nice and neat on one that clean page. 

So that’s what I would be promoting with a traffic ad. You can also use these ads to promote merch or direct people to your YouTube. Just use a traffic ad to promote a video clip by using a small snippet of it (20-30 seconds or so) to entice people to click 🖱️ on that ad and leave Facebook to watch your video on YouTube.

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