3 Ways to be More Consistent on Social Media

Social Media…it’s revolutionised the music industry and pretty much every other industry.  The main reason for this is that it allows two-way communication with businesses (bands) and their customers (fans).

Whilst for the music industry, the rise of social media has meant some of the illusion, glamour and mystery of an artist may have disappeared, it’s also allowed stronger bonds to be formed between fans and the bands they love due to the transparency and conversation social media allows.  It’s important and one of the key reason artists can have long, successful careers without the need of a record label if they choose.

But staying consistent can be a struggle, even for me and I do this for a living!  So here are my top 3 tips on how your band can be more consistent on social media.

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1. Split the Social Media Duties Between Band Members

I’m mainly talking about Facebook and Instagram as these are likely the two platforms your band is using most.  Best practice is to have slightly different content on each platform anyway otherwise why would someone need to follow you on both?

Have one savvy band member manage your Facebook page and one manage your Instagram.  That way the socials become way less overwhelming and you’re less likely to procrastinate when it comes to actually posting.

2. Capture Content Consistently

One of the main reasons why we don’t post regularly on socials is we don’t know what to post.  Therefore we need to ensure we take every opportunity we can to collect content and store.

Last weekend I went to a local show where the bands could pitch in a small amount of money for an amazing photographer to capture their set.  I couldn’t believe that some bands didn’t take up this offer because it’s such a wasted opportunity!

Filming a video?  Great, hire a gun like Andrew Basso to take BTS photos & videos or pay a friend in lunch and beers.  Rehearing?  Take literally 15 seconds out of your session to snap some pics or shoot a quick IG Story or your drummer playing a rad fill.  Once you get into the habit it’ll become easier and more instinctual over time.

Create a folder in your bands Google Drive to store everything and you’ll always have a bank of photos and videos to post when you can’t think of anything.

3. Schedule Posts in Advance

If you know you have a tour coming up this is especially useful.  Create a Hootsuite account for free to schedule across all platforms. Planoly is good if you want your Insta to have a strong visual branding as you can preview what your feed will look like.  Otherwise Facebook has a built in scheduler.

Posting off the cuff is my favourite way of doing things as the captions are usually more genuine and relevant.  Also Hootsuite requires you to have a business account on Instagram in order to post for you (which I don’t recommend until you get to 10K due to the algorithms favoring personal accounts).

But if you know you’re going to be super busy and have something really specific you want to promote, scheduling tools are there at your disposal!

Jump to 3:13 on the video below for a Hootsuite Tutorial!

If you found this blog post helpful do let me know in the comments and feel free to share with your band mates or anyone else you think may find this interesting!