31 | The Art of the Video Clip with David Owen Blackley of Her Name is Murder Productions

Today I’m speaking with someone who has played a pivotal role in my own musical journey. David Owen Blackley is a filmmaker and music video director who not only did my band, The Last Martyr’s latest two videos but also my first ever video clip back in 2014!

Dave and his company Her name is Murder Productions has worked with bands such as Sepultura, The Cranberries, Norma Jean, Sworn In, Snot, Unearth, Story Of The Year, Thy Art Is Murder, Superheist, Ocean Grove, RedHook, The Amity Affliction and more!

Dave now lives in the Netherlands, but back when he was in Australia, he used to drive around the country, car packed with gear, to wherever city the band he was working with was based. 

On the occasion he worked with my last band back in 2014, his car actually broke down less than halfway through the 12-hour drive it takes to get from Brisbane to Sydney.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t reschedule and the poor guy arrived at 6.30 am, collapsed in the spare room for an hour until we were scheduled to start shooting. 

The video turned out amazingly, and I think this story really representative of his work ethic and it’s no wonder Dave has been able to build an amazing busiess for himself not only here in Australia but in the Netherlands, Europe, UK and more.

My old band’s video for ‘Endlessly’ by Her Name is Murder Productions

During this interview, we go deep into what it means to be an artist and the beautiful synergy between sound and visuals. HNIMP now has a signature style which is Vintage HD, but as you’ll hear, it took some time for Dave, like 99.9% of artists to not only find his own style, but build the confidence to showcase that style fully and unapologetically.

We also talk practically about how to even start planning for a video clip, the role of a director, and how to find your OWN visual style when you may not have ever done a video or many videos before.

Dave is a true artist and I absolutely loved talking to him in this forum. I’m super proud of all he’s been able to achieve this decade and no doubt he’ll go on to keep doing amazing things.

If you want to know more about Dave’s creative process, check out this Clipped TV article all about the concept behind my band’s video for, ‘Fear.’

HNIMP Showreel

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