35 | Starting a Side-Hustle – Why All Musicians Should be Entrepreneurs

BOMBSHELL! The days where you can earn a full-time living from music alone, are LONG GONE.

If you want to learn how to have the freedom and finances to work on your music career, you need to listen to this episode. 

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Show Notes

Now, more than ever I am so happy to have my business.

Today I was made redundant from my day job but you know what, thank FUCK I have my band consulting business. 

I have clients and passive income coming in from my book and online courses.  Basically, I have the strategies in place to not rely on someone else to give me income.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, because I believe every single musician should have multiple sources of income both within their bands and outside their bands.

I’m all about trying to give people hope. But I’m about the throw a harsh truth on ya’ll which I don’t think I’ve shared before.

The days where you can earn a full-time living as a heavy musician from music ALONE are LONG GONE. And they may not ever come back.

I have known this for a long time.

I started my biz first and foremost to help people. Listen to the pod episode about my origin story here – Episode 1: Being in a Band

But in addition to that I also knew money for my band wasn’t gonna come for a VERY long time and I needed a profession that would allow me the flexibility to tour, earn passive income and be fulfilling.

I happen to have a background in music media and marketing. I’ve always been good at project management and branding so consulting with bands and creating courses around these topics became the core of what I do.

But for you, you may be a music teacher. You might be sitting at home right now unable to teach in person. I’m sure you’ve already thought about Skype lessons which is awesome – if you haven’t then get on that shit.

But think about how you can diversify your income. Maybe you can create courses on various aspects of the instruments you teach on.

Secondly, how are you attracting new students?

Posting on your personal social media pages is simply not enough to create the connection you need to turn people into customers.

Look, starting a business and creating content to attract your ideal customer is a lot of work. But it’s not hard.

And we should all be taking control of our time, resources and income potential a lot more than what we are, especially if we want the freedom and finances to support our music career.

If you look at the biggest bands in the world, you’ll notice that the ones that are doing well have other sources of income that aren’t their music.

This could be:

  • Clothing lines (like Ahren from Amity Affliction or Oli from BMTH)
  • Consulting (like Fronz from Atilla…or me lol)
  • Monetized YouTube channels (like Jared Dines or Lindsay Rae from Metal Kitchen)
  • Music Teaching Business (so many peeps in the local scene are teachers)
  • Artwork (like Carla from Butcher Babies or Joel from Amity Affliction)

…the list goes on.

Many of us have downtime right now. How can you use your downtime to start a business that can potentially support you long-term?

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