37 | Morning Routine for Creatives – Tips and Why it’s Important

Many of us are working from home right now, self-isolating or have maybe even been unfortunately made redundant.

Keeping a solid morning routine is essential in not only for productivity but mental health, as well as keeping some normalcy and structure in our days when everything else seems up in the air right now. 

Here’s what I do each morning to set up my days for success.

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Show Notes

My morning routine:

8.30am – Wake up, coffee, morning pages (in bed or on couch)
9.15am – Personal development/learn something (podcast, audiobook or FB/IG live from someone I admire). I either do this whilst still in bed, whilst getting ready or going for a walk outside. I also will reply to comments/messages quickly (no more than 15 min) and NEVER SCROLL!
10.15am – Create. That could be writing music, recording a podcast, brainstorming for a future video clip, etc.

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