40 | Giving Your Live Show an Edge with Band Coach Steve Cannatelli

Today I’m speaking to Coach Steven Cannatelli who is a band coach. If you have never heard of that term before, don’t worry, he pretty much coined it!

On the surface, Coach Cannatelli – as most people call him – helps bands up their performance skills for live shows and music videos.  

But after just one session with him and having known bands that have also taken his programs, I can safely say that he helps with so many other aspects from being more united as a team, self confidence and identity.

In this interview, Coach Cannatelli shares how he fell onto this super unique career path and he also gives a shit ton of advice and exercises you can do to give your band’s performance an edge.

This is one of the most unique and coolest topics spoken about on this podcast so far, you’re gonna love it.

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