42 | The Power of Community When You Feel Like an Outsider

This episode was prompted by my Facebook memories reminding me I finally visited LA as an adult two years ago! 

When I was in high school myself and the girls I was in a band with put all our spare cash into a kitty to eventually move to LA after graduation. We weren’t a very good band but we were so determined to succeed that we would have done anything – even live in our cars in the Sunset Strip!

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The memory of that determination is something I’ve often called upon when I’ve felt alone or like the whole ‘music thing’ is not for me.  I hope you enjoy this little insight into an important part of my journey and the power of community, especially if like me, you’ve often felt like an outsider.

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Two years ago I finally visited LA as an adult.🌴 When I was in highschool myself and the girls I was in a band with put all our spare cash into a kitty to eventually move to LA after graduation. Then only problem we possibly could foresee with that was that we would be 18 and the drinking age in the USA is 21. So we had no idea if we’d be able to play the club’s there, all we knew is that we’d figure it out. To prepare we would read rockstar biographies and watch the most underground B-grade docos about the Sunset Strip we could find at @utopiarecords and on Ebay. Then we’d sit there studying them intently with a pen and paper discussing where our idols hung out, that we could live in a car on the sunset strip and probably just find some tattooed guy to marry for a Visa. This was in the mid-2000s btw. Not 80s. 🤣 We weren’t a very good band. But goddamn we were determined!⚡ Towards the end of high school that band broke up and I stayed in Sydney studying at JMC instead. It was some of the best years of my life. Did uni teach me practical stills I could apply to my music career? Hardly. Did I finally find a place to belong and the support network I craved. Absolutely. A lot has happened since then. But whenever I’ve felt a lack of motivation or lost sight of why I started on this unconventional path, I remember 15 year old me and how much drive she had.♥️ But the real power in my high school band, uni and beyond has been in surrounding myself with like-minded musicians who were just as driven. Just as wild. Just as focused. If you resonate with this story and want to join a crew like that, I invite you to join the Being in a Band Membership. You’ll not only receive a new course each month on music marketing, branding, release strategy and more, but you’ll also be a part of a tight knit community of musicians who are 100% determined to succeed, just like you. It can be easy to feel alone on this journey. I’ve felt that way at various points as well. But I can safely say I would have given up a long time ago if I didn’t have others around me to lift me up, give me advice and the courage to keep on going. Link in my bio to join now. 👉

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And here are some photos of me as a teenager and during uni!

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