44 | Wellness, Mental Health + Avoiding Burnout with Music Career Coach Katie Zaccardi

Today I spoke with Katie Zaccardi who is a wellness & career coach for musicians. She’s also a musician herself, the host of The Out to Be Podcast which is focused around mental health & self-care in the music industry AND, qualified yoga instructor!

Katie started her coaching business after her own struggles with anxiety disorder, which you read about here.

In fact, during the interview we discuss a particular blog post she wrote where she really dives into the full story. It’s really powerful and also so relatable blog post so I’m going to link it in the show notes for you.

In this episode we talk about how to avoid burnout, what to do if you find yourself comparing your band to other bands who are maybe further along than you, and our thoughts on the old stigma that musicians don’t make money.

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Katie is doing incredible work in the world and as you’ll be able to hear in the interview, she knows a thing or two when it comes to wellness, mental health and avoiding burnout. So make sure you check out her work at the links I’ve left below!

Links & Resources

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Having Anxiety Disorder in the Music Industry Blog Post

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