45 | How to Know if a Release Has Been Successful

How do you define success? How do you know if a release (single/EP/album) has been ‘successful?’ This can be a really hard thing to assess as a small independent band which is exactly why I recorded this episode!

Today we are talking about the four ways you can tell if your release has been a success!

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Show Notes

How to know if a release is a success:

  1. Did you set goals?

    Without setting goals you can’t really know if what you want to achieve is what you have achieved! But it is important not to be too attached to the numbers for your own sanity but also take the time to assess why you may not have hit your targets (maybe they were too high for where your band is at right now and it’s as simple as that).
  2. Did you do everything in your power to hit those goals?

    With specific goals i.e. number of monthly listeners or views on a YouTube video, there is always going to be an element that is out of your control (you can’t force people to stream your music…legally at least)! So whether you can genuinely say you’ve done everything within reason to achieve these goals is a defining factor in whether your release has been ‘successful.’
  3. Did it do better than your last release?

    Every release should build upon the last. If your release has done better or hit more milestones than your previous release, you can say it has been successful.
  4. Did you have fun?

    Ultimately, whether your release is successful or not comes down to whether you feel it’s been successful as per your own personal definition of success. But a huge part of that MUST be whether or not you had fun. Corny AF but if you’re not having fun along the way, really what are you doing?

    Goals are great but typically as humans once we hit one goal, we move the posts and almost immediately strive for another. The destination never fully arrives in that respect. Of course, we must celebrate each milestone (very important) but more than anything we need to enjoy the journey.

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