46 | How to Get Media Features and What to Include in a Press Release

Have you ever reached out to the media to get featured and never hear back?

As someone who has worked in media for 7 years, usually this is because;
a) You’re not reaching out at the right time,
b) There is no real goal in mind as to why you’re reaching out or,
c) You’ve left off important information from your press release i.e. the email that you send with your pitch. 

I’ve done a few episodes on pitching so make sure you check out episode 10 and episode 13 which are interviews with my friend Curtis who is a rock/metal publicist!

Also episode 25 with Greg from Metal Injection!

But I really wanted to break things down super simply and tell you EXACTLY what is involved in putting together a press release as well as flatten a few of the most common mistakes I see bands making when reaching out for media traction!

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Show Notes

Before you start:

Have a clear purpose for why you are contacting media. The answer is not ‘to get featured.’ The purpose is always to announce something – media is NEWS.

Also ensure you give media HEAPS of notice – the press release is always sent BEFORE the release comes out (except sometimes if a single)

What to include in your press release:

  • High res professional promo photo
  • Headline (same as email subject)
  • Text detailed what you’re announcing (a few paragraphs mashing up your bio and a ‘news’ style write up – check out your fav music news site to get an idea). Ensure key dates are listed i.e. date release comes out, tour dates, etc.
  • Links to stream/download your music
  • Links to pre-order music, pre-sale tickets, any other relevant assets like tour poster image, etc.
  • Contact details of the person best to contact for interviews, etc.

Before you send:

Do your research – find out people’s names and address them personally if possible. A little care goes a long way!

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