5 | How to Boost Spotify Plays – How My Band Reached 20K in 2 Weeks!

Here’s how my band was able to boost our Spotify plays to achieve 20K Spotify streams in around 2 weeks (and how you can too)!
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Show Notes

Release Singles

Releasing singles prior to your EP or Album release is a surefire way to get the overall Spotify play count up. This is due to the fact the streams on those singles all count towards the overall total when you do release your EP/Album giving it an extra boost in terms of numbers.

Run Spotify Pre-Save Campaigns

The more people you can get to pre-save your release, the better! This means that when the song/EP/album drops, you’ll be at a massive advantage. It also increases the chances of getting on Spotify Playlists.

Learn how to run a pre-save campaign here.

Utilise Social Media

Drive traffic to Spotify on your social media. Try not to spread your audience too thin, especially if you’re doing an audio-only release. You can still tell your fans your release is available everywhere, but only link to Spotify. Remember to plug it often!

Run a PR Campaign

PR exposes your release to a bigger audience, but it also is another way to remind your existing audience about your release. Not only that, but PR boosts your credibility as a band, is a huge factor in generating hype which can lead the way to bigger opportunities.

If you want to learn how your band can run your own PR campaign for your next release, check out my new course PR Made Simple Below.