5 Music Industry Facts No One Tells You

1. New Music is Always Released on Fridays

New Music Fridays is a worldwide industry thing.   Consumers are likely more willing to buy music on weekends and it also prevents music being leaked before it’s release date.  Up until a few years ago each country has its own release date however it was decided by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry that the day of release for all 1,300 of its member labels based in 60 countries should be unified.

2. It Takes 10 Years to Become an Overnight Success

This goes for any entrepreneur endeavor, not just music.  But if you really look at the careers of your favourite artists, you’ll see they’ve been working at it for longer than you may think.  Ocean Grove is just starting to make an impact now, yet they’ve been going since high school. 31-year-old UNFD sensation and four-times ARIA award winner, Amy Shark spend 10 years playing in pubs trying to get noticed by the music industry.

Forbes nailed it: “What most people call overnight success is actually the market suddenly realizing the value of a great product or service that had been kept in obscurity for too long while its creators refused to give up.”

3. Being Rad to Work With Will Get You Everywhere

No one wants to work with an asshole and especially within the heavy genres, people aren’t doing it for the money, they’re doing it for the love and satisfaction.  Gratitude – actually, outwardly showing gratitude – for every opportunity, big or small, is key in establishing good relationships and building a strong path to success.  Remember, you’ll be seeing the same people on your way up that you’ll see on your way down.

4. Your Image Matters

You’re in the entertainment industry and the way you present yourself matters.  It’s not the be all and end all obviously, but it matters. This doesn’t mean you need to look conventional or be fashionable at all! It just means you need to put in an effort. Aside from your physical image, your performance and the quality of the content you put out comes into this point as well.  

Your image is a reflection of your music and the respect you command. They say ‘You teach people how you want to be treated.’ I also love the saying, ‘Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.’ So figure out how you want people to see you and start presenting yourself that way. Right now.

5. Age Doesn’t Matter as Much as You Think It Does.

You can refer to my post Too Old To Play Music for more on this, but given it takes 10 years to become an overnight success, I’ll let you do the math!  There is definitely an added pressure if you’re a female in the biz but like I say in the article, Alissa White-Gluz is 33, Maria Brink is 41, Debbie Harry was 31 when Blondie’s first album was released, Ash Costello is 33… the list goes on.

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