5 Music Business Podcasts for Bands to Listen to Right Now

Podcasts are exploding right now and there’re no doubt an amazing source of information, especially when it comes to music marketing. In fact, the past few months I hazard a guess that I’ve probably listened to more podcasts that I have music which is actually pretty crazy!

Here are my top 5 podcasts for musicians that want to learn more about the business side of the industry.

#1 Dumb & Dumber Podcast

The Dumb & Dumbest is hosted by Curtis Dewar of US-based PR agency, Dewar PR, and Matt Bacon who owns brand consultancy company, Dropout Media and is exec at stoner/doom label, Ripple Music.

Let me tell you, these guys know their shit and their daily podcast episodes provide relevant and valuable information. Some of my favourite episodes include, Episode 174. Scotty of Tankcrimes on Branding & Merch and of course, my interview with them – Episode 186. Monica Strut – The Social Media Shredder.

P.S. Shoutout to Keith from Ghost Cult Mag for naming my episode with the boys #5 on Episode 200: Top 10 Guest So Far countdown!

#2 Passive Income Musician

Brent Vaartstra is a jazz teacher and entrepreneur who is revolutionising how we see earning a living within the music industry. Brent’s main demographic is music teachers wanting to earn passive income through digital products like eBooks and courses.

However, what he teaches are key marketing strategies in an easy-to-understand way, which are incredibly useful to pretty much anyone who wants to dive into the world of online business.

Favourite episodes include: Episode 29: How to Create and Launch an Online Music Course and Episode 13: Getting Over “Imposter Syndrome” as an Online Music Educator.

#3 The Manage Mental Podcast with Blasko & Mike Mowery

I was recommended this podcast only very recently by someone in the community and although I’ve only heard a couple of episodes so far, I’m digging it! Hosted by two artist managers, they not only cover a range of music industry topics, but show case new music! Rad

Recommended Episodes so far are: How to Pitch Your Music to Industry Execs and How to Get Discovered in the Digital Age (hello, speaking my language).

#4 The Music Entrepreneur HQ

Something about David Weibe’s voice is pretty damn soothing if you ask me. But don’t let that fool you, his podcast is jam packed with golden nuggets that cover a variety of topics not only to do with music, but mindset and motivation (very important aspects of any business).

Favourite episodes include: Episode 115 & 121 – Growth Hacking for Musicians Parts 1 and 2 as well is, of course, the lovely interview I got to do with him last year which is Episode 125 – Getting the Most Our of Your Social Media Marketing as a Musician – with Monica Strut.

#5 Being In A Band

So I’m listening to this one because it’s my own podcast! Being In A Band looks to educate musicians in emerging heavy bands in the areas of marketing, branding, PR, mindset and more. This podcast is brand new but there are a few episodes to check out so far!

Episode 3 – #askmeanything deep dives into answering some of you guys’ questions about tour planning, promoting a fast-approaching show, band politics and more. It’s pretty juicy.


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