5 Reasons to Ask People to Pre-Save Your Song on Spotify

No doubt Spotify is an important platform for artists. You may have seen bands asking their fans to pre-save their new release on Spotify.

If you’ve never done this before, there are many ways to run a pre-save campaign. Distrokid sets this up automatically for you, whilst Show.co is free when you have a CD baby account and there are also platforms like TonedenPresavetospotify.com and Feature.fm (to name a few).

I actually have a tutorial on using Show.co to set up a pre-save campaign right here!

So why should you run a Spotify pre-save campaign?

  1. Users that ‘pre-save’ your song/album will have it automatically added to their Spotify library and a playlist of their choosing on the day it is released. This helps boost your stream numbers as the release has automatically started building momentum proir to the official drop!
  2. Your overall Spotify stats such as pre-saves help your chances in being selected for playlists. Getting on editorial playlists gets your music in front of your ideal audience and ‘editorial’ playlists are what people usually refer to when they say ‘Spotify Playlists.’ However the algorithmic playlists (such as Release Radar) are super powerful too.
  3. It helps build hype for a release. You wanna get your peeps excited in the lead-up to the release. This keeps you front-of mind when your release drops and helps it’s overall success.
  4. It gets your audience taking action. When you have your audience’s attention you want to capitolise on that. Instead of posting, ‘Big things coming,’ you want to get your people to actually DO something while you have their attention.
  5. It’s extra social media content! The biggest struggle many bands have is knowing what to post on socials. Well, here’s an easy one for you leading up to your next release!

Hope that’s helpful! If it was, or you have ever found my content helpful, you can say thank you by pre-saving my band, The Last Martyr’s upcoming single, ‘Like a Ghost,’ on Spotify (or pre-order on your fav platform) now!

Pre-save here > bit.ly/LikeaGhostPresave

‘Like a Ghost’ drops this Friday 25 October.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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