5 Social Media Resolutions to KickStart Your Band in 2019

Happy New Year guys and welcome to 2019! We’re officially 1 week into the new year, the hangover has subsided and we’re now painfully aware of what day it is. It’s Monday and I, like many others, have returned to work today.

So as I sit here at my desk, I’ve been thinking of EASY things we can all do in order to whip our band’s social media into shape and kickstart the year right. Many of them you can do right away but you can choose to pace them over the next 5 days if that’s easier. So here they are…

1.Use Instagram Stories Daily.

If one of your goals is to be more consistent on social media this year, Instagram Stories is a great place to start. The reason being that they disappear after 24 hours so, unlike your main feed, you don’t have to worry too much about image quality. Instagram Stories can be used to simply document your life in your band, rehearsals, writing process or when in doubt, share the Spotify link to one of your songs.

Get into the habit of using Stories daily and guaranteed, you’ll be in good stead to build upon that with other aspects of your social media.

2. Archive Old YouTube Videos

If your YouTube channel has been around a while, chances are you have some random videos from 4 years ago with old band members or maybe music that isn’t the best representation of where the band is at now. While you should always respect where your journey as a band started, take this time to do a sweep of your channel so that it funnels visitors to your best videos.

While you’re at it, ensure you set a ‘Featured Video’ so that when people land on your channel something autoplays, you hook their attention and up the view count automatically. This should be your latest video or if you haven’t released anything recently, the video with the most views.

3. Rewrite Your Bio

Have you had the same bio for a year or more? It’s time to change it up. When thinking about your bio, think of it as a resume and sales pitch. It’s not an autobiography where you layout when you picked up your instruments or how your band formed, it should highlight any achievements (radio play, support gigs, your releases) and your immediate plans for the future.

If you need assistance writing your bio, hit me up and I’d be happy to help!

4. Leave 5 Positive & Genuine Comments on Other Local Band’s Videos

Positivity breeds positivity and engagement breeds engagement. Support bands in the scene and they’ll support you. Not only does this spread feel-good vibes, but helps other bands by boosting engagement on their posts and in turn, they might even return the favour!

5. Go Live

Live video is huge right now. In fact, video in general is huge. Going live allows the opportunity to see an unfiltered version of your band making you more relatable and real which in turn allows your audience to form a deeper connection with you and your music. If you have released music recently, talk about the writing and recording process or the lyrics. Take your followers behind the scenes of filming a video or at a rehearsal. Head to a pub with your band members and talk shit with your fans!

It can be scary to go live but as musicians, we play live all the time so it’s not too different. Tell your followers a few hours or a day before you do it that you’ll be going live, then remind them half an hour or so before to maximise attendance. Don’t be scared no one will show up though. Most people watch the reply of live videos anyway and if you have a topic in mind you want to talk about (your song, an upcoming tour, how the band formed etc.) it won’t matter!

For more tips like this, grab my free social media training for bands below!