5 Ways Your Band can Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a powerful tool for anyone looking to grow an audience online.  Since Instagram’s recent algorithm changes mean posts on your main feed aren’t shown to all your followers, Stories are an amazing way to reach your audience and grow your channel.

Stories are awesome because you don’t have to worry too much about the quality of your images or vidoes as they disappear after 24 hours.  They give your fans a deeper insight into the BTS of your band that they might not necessarily get via your main feed.  They also provide another avenue for two-way communication between you and your audience, which in turn strengthens the relationship between you.

In case that wasn’t a good enough reason, did you know that the more people you have interacting with your Stories, the more reach the posts on your main feed will get?

Here are some easy content ideas you and your band can use to make the most out of IG Stories.

1. Share your track via Spotify

To do this head over to your Spotify app > Cue the track you want to share > Click the three dots top-right > Share > To Instagram Stories

Followers will be able to open your song directly in their own app and turn it up to eleven!


2. Share audience videos of live gigs

When your audience share Stories of you playing live and tag you, you can Repost them!  This is almost like a musician’s equivalent of a testimonial (provided you had a good show of course).  Doing this not only gives people who couldn’t attend the show an insight into what you’re like live, but also shows anyone watching that your audience is supportive and engaged giving you heaps of cred.

Note: You can only do this if the original Story has come from a public profile i.e. someone that isn’t listed as private.

3. Go Live

Answer questions from your fans, give insight into the filming of a video clip or have a general chit chat with your audience via live video.  The Instagram (and Facebook) algorithms actually give priority to live videos and while they can seem nerve-wracking to do in the beginning, they bring SO MUCH value to your audience who can communicate with you right then and there.

4. Send people to external sites

Once your account reaches 10K, you will get a ‘Swipe Up’ feature on your Stories which you can use to link people to your video clips, Spotify Page, to where they can buy tickets for your shows…the list is endless!

But if you aren’t at 10K yet, don’t worry!  Just direct followers to the link in your bio and you’ll essentially be doing the same thing.

Important note: I’m a firm believer in quality followers that are highly engaged, rather than having thousands of randoms on your account that will never attend a show or stream your music.  Resist the urge to follow a bunch of random accounts to fast-track your way to 10K.  It’s not worth it and Instagram will penalise your account for having low engagement by showing your posts to even less people! And you really don’t want that!

5. Get your audience to submit questions

The more Stories features you use (Questions, Gifs, Polls, Hashtags etc.) the more Instagram sees you’re bringing value to it’s platform and priorities your account i.e. shows your posts to more people!  Questions is a really fun way to engage with your audience kind of like an interview, except you can answer the questions people actually want to know!

If you’re not confidently at the point where you think your audience will actively participate in submitting questions (and you don’t want to risk looking kind of rejected if no one submits anything) a Poll is a good alternative.


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