Reboot Your Band Challenge Day 2 – Band Internals (Band Agreements, Legal & Workload Distribution)

With many of us feeling like 2020 has stalled our band’s progress in many ways, you may be looking to refresh and jolt your band into action. This is where the 5-day Musician/Band Reboot Challenge comes in!
Over the course of 5 days, I will give you 3 simple action steps in various categories from band finances to branding to help you refocus and reboot with zero overwhelm.
By the end of the week, I guarantee your band will have their sh*t together and feel more empowered to move forward individually and as a unit. Today is all about band internals! This means legalities and workload distribution!

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Action Steps:

  1. all on the same page? What is your release strategy for the coming 12 months? This can be a scary conversation but it needs to be done!
  2. Legalities – Look into getting a Band Agreement (+ ABN if Australian) so that everything is official, everyone is clear on expectations and everyone is protected if they leave or other’s leave.
  3. How is the workload distributed? Come up with a plan to ensure the workload is shared as equally as possibly playing to people’s strengths (hint: put a clause in the band agreement that each person needs to chip in to the business side of your band). Remember: A lot of the time people don’t take action as they aren’t sure what to do.

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