Reboot Your Band Challenge Day 3 – Band Finances (Make More and Never Scrounge for Cash Again)

We’re now more than half way through the 5-day Band Reboot Challenge!

If you aren’t able to join us live, that’s totally fine!You can still head to the Music Marketing & Mindset – For Heavy Bands/Musicians Facebook Group and drop comments as you watch the replay of each video and I’ll get back to you!

Today’s exercises were all about your band finances! 💰

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Action Steps

  1. Ensure all your earnings are consolidated in one place. You may like to set up a band bank account (ensure you have ABN/band agreement first) and band PayPal so nothing is slipping through the cracks by going in a million different directions!
  2. Promote your merch regularly and ensure it’s listed on all platforms like Spotify Merch Bar. More on that in this pod episode (apparently it’s not actually that new, but Spotify recently plugged it again so, like me, you may not have known about it).

    P.S. If you need new merch, I have an affiliate deal with an Australian merch company and can get you a little discount on Print on Demand or normal printing! Reply to this email for the info.
  3. Discuss putting aside $50 or $100 per week into your joint account to cover expenses. It’s SUCH a good feeling not scrounging for cash for decent artwork and to have a pool to draw from for joint purchases, such as gear!

Join us live same time tomorrow when we’re going to talk about branding + your EPK! 📷 It’s going to be GOOD – especially if you have always struggled with your EPK!

The 5-Day Band Reboot Challenge is happening 9am AEDT (Melbourne Time) daily this week! Convert your timezone here.

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