7 Types of People Every Band Needs

After many years and being in many bands (7 or 8 I think…the first when I was 13), I’ve determined there are some key personality types and solid skills EVERY band needs in order to work smoothly as a unit!

Oh and yes, there are 7 as many musos have more than one of these skills/qualities.  Leave a comment below which one(s) you are!

1. The Parent

This is the band member who snaps everyone back in line when they’re getting distracted in rehearsals, is the mediator when there are disagreements and usually is in charge of booking things like rehearsals and reminding everyone of things they’ve forgotten about.  When it comes to musos, it takes a special individual to fall into the Mum/Dad role, but it’s essential there is one that can stay focused when the rest of us can’t get out shit together.

Note: I’ve been the parent in previous bands but surprisingly I’m totally not in The Last Martyr!

2. The Audio Engineer

Every band needs a member that is a recording superstar with home studio.  Usually it’s the guitarist or main songwriter, but not always.  Having someone skilled in audio is invaluable as it means pre-pro is free, songs can be written and demoed up quickly and if there are any tech issues on stage, they can be resolved in a flash!

3. The Class Clown

For those awkward moments when not everyone agrees.  Not everyone has to agree, it’s hard enough to get 5 people in the same room each week!  But it REALLY helps to have a funny guy/gal in the group to crack a perfectly timed fart joke when you’re at the tail end of a month-long bus tour and ready to kill each other.

the mask gif

4. The Social Media Guru

This is a skill EVERY band member needs to learn but ideally you’ll have 2 people in the group who take ownership of your channels and ensure you’re putting out content consistently.

5. The Numbers Whiz

Definitely not me.  Our drummer lives and breathes spreadsheets and he’s a Goddamn Engineer and an organisational genius.  You need someone to track expenses, budgets, who’s paid what or it’ll get messy quick.


6. The Graphic Designer/Video Editor

Content.  It’s what I talk about 83% of the time to my clients and anyone else that will listen.  Found out your music is being spun on Triple J in an hour? You need someone to whip up a quick graphic for the socials so you can promote that shit.

Video is the most engaging medium so the more video you can put out (behind the scenes, acoustic versions of your song, some visuals to go along with audio-only releases) the better.

7. The Motivational Speaker

Ideally everyone in the band should take turns lifting each other up.  Being in a band is hard.  It requires flawless teamwork, a lot of money and an intense drive.  But there are usually one or two individuals that are so positive and visionary they see solutions or carve solutions out to any problem or lighten the mood when everyone is scraping the bottom of their bank accounts.

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Let me know in the comments which band member(s) you are!