A Step by Step Guide to Planning Your Bands Video Clip

Music videos are by far one of the most powerful assets a band can have. Video conveys more to your audience than the audio of a song alone can and it’s one of the most engaging and shareable mediums out there – in fact, 92% of all mobile video viewers share videos with others.

Video has the ability for your song to transcend multiple platforms including a variety of social media platforms and also TV, therefore allowing your song to have more exposure. Furthermore, putting faces to the music strengthens the connection between artist and audience which is essential to cultivating a loyal fan base. For these reasons and more, your song can make WAY more of an impact when accompanied by a great film clip.

Many bands have asked me, ‘How do you know when you’re ready to make a video clip?’ The answer is: You’re ready NOW. Video clips are more accessible than ever and a good clip will really propel your audience growth if done in the right way.

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