Artist Coaching

Does This Sound Like You?

 Your band has been working hard for 2 or more years, your music is great, but you feel like it’s a struggle to pull people through the door to shows, or get attention from the industry?

 You have a single, EP or album release coming up and aren’t sure where to start with the planning, let alone the marketing?

 You know you should be posting on social media more often but you find it a chore?

​✔ You are starting to feel like you aren’t enjoying music as much as you used to and are contemplating packing it all in and getting a ‘normal’ job instead?

​Yes?​ RAD, you’re in the right place!

“Monica gave us some excellent insight as well as a highly personalised rundown on where we are at and what we can do to improve. I can’t recommend this service enough for any band looking to get on the right track.”

“10/10. Mon was a pleasure to work with, and her guidance and advice helped us take our social media engagement and coverage to a whole new level. Professional, insightful and awesome to work with!”

Being a musician means you’re an entrepreneur.  You are your own talent, booking agent, accountant, social media manager, PR firm, life coach and more!

We both know that being a muso takes more than rocking up in a van, kicking ass on stage and partying until sunrise (well…most of the time).

Being in band is a hell of a lot of fun and really fulfilling, but planning and executing tours and releases, as well as trying to build an audience in what can feel like a totally over-saturated market, can be overwhelming.

Sometimes as musicians we can feel like we’re hitting our heads against a glass ceiling and it can be difficult to find a manager with the right experience and commitment-level to help you on your journey.

I started developing my coaching services as I had seen far too many of my peers give up on their musical dreams too early due to lack of knowledge or motivation; especially when it came to business skills such as marketing.

“I’ve worked with Monica on a number of projects for years. I’ve found her to be one of the rare ones, that’s ethical, punctual and actual gives a damn about her job.  Monica fucking rocks!”

“VERY good advice. You’ve changed the way we all think and opened our eyes to the way the modern music industry works.”

“Probably some of the best advice you will ever receive.”


Your Band’s Investment
Single Session (90min)$200 [$40 per band member if 5 band members]
3x Sessions$500 [$100 per band member if 5 band members]

*Sessions can be conducted via video chat or in person if based in Melbourne.

If a band plays in a venue and no one is around to hear them, do they make a sound?