Band Coaching

Planning a new release?

I work alongside bands to help them release their amazing music with maximum impact! Think of me as your interim manager…before you actually have one!

You dream of touring the globe, performing on big stages, changing the lives of strangers and make money doing what you love.

But right now…

👉 You feel like you’re struggling to get the exposure you need to reach the next level (bigger supports, festival slots, management and label interest).

👉 Past releases have done okayyyyy, but you still aren’t fully sure how best to promote your music so that it reaches more people and gets you on the radar of industry tastemakers.

👉 You know social media is super important but you’ve hit a plateau in growth and find it hard to get engagement.

👉 Maybe you’re in a brand new band (or rebranding/relaunching an existing one) and just want to do it right this time?

If this is you, let’s work together to take your band to the next level.

If you feel 2020 stalled your career, it’s time to go hard or go home!

“Monica helped the band set a targeted plan for the release and promotion of our new music, and helped keep the band on track and accountable for the success of the campaign. As a band with some experience already, the refocus and accountability piece really helped sharpen our plan of attack.

If you are a new band I would totally recommend reaching out to Monica for guidance, but also as an established act I would fully recommend a refresher and sense check of what you are doing and what you can do better. Monica is an utter professional. A fantastic communicator, patient with questions and educates as she works. A great wealth of knowledge.” – Our Last Enemy

What I help bands with

Everything is tailored to your band’s individual needs but some of the things we cover are:

🔥 Release Timeline & Strategy: Crafting a release plan to ensure your music has the biggest impact possible.

🔥 Marketing Plan: Develop your marketing plan (which can include organic social media, Facebook ads, traditional ads and more) to ensure your music can get in the ears of your target market and industry tastemakers.

🔥 Social Media: Let’s grow your channels and online presence to draw in your ideal fans and attract bigger opportunities.

🔥 PR Strategy: We determine whether you should hire a PR company (and who good options for your band would be) or if you should handle the PR yourself (I often give the bands I work with access to my PR Course as a bonus resource so they can DIY their campaign successfully).

🔥 Branding: In most instances, people will see you before they hear you. Let’s ensure your visuals and overall vibe reflects the quality of your music and your band’s message. If you aren’t sure what that is yet, don’t worry, we will find it together!

🔥 Creating the A-Team: A band is a partnership so if one person is shouldering the majority of the workload, that just ain’t gonna work – especially under my watch! Let’s find each band member’s zone of genius and ensure the whole team is working seamlessly together to fast-track your results!

🔥 Long-Term Plan: Our work goes far beyond 6 months. Together we set your goals and craft your long term plan on how you’re going to get there.

Aside from the above, having someone in your corner to keep you motivated, supported and accountable is in itself invaluable to achieving success. 🎉

Red Gazelle

Monica’s no-nonsense approach is truly a breath of fresh air in an industry full of BS. After just one session, we were able to clearly define our goals and objectives in a way that made sense and has since put us on the path that we want to be on. She is empowering, pioneering, and inspiring. Do yourself the favour and talk to her NOW!

Bad Moon Born

Monica’s wealth of knowledge is a real testament to both her experience in the industry, and level of professionalism. We have also picked up new skills and knowledge that will aid us greatly in handling future campaigns. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and we are incredibly grateful for the many opportunities afforded to us as a result of her guidance. We highly recommend Monica’s service to any artists looking for coaching, marketing guidance and/or PR. We can’t wait to work with her again.


“I’ve become more confident leading my own bands PR campaigns and social media presence as well as become more confident giving advice to others in the music industry when asked for it. I feel like, as a whole, I am more equipped to take my music to the public and present my product in a way that is more professional and I am confident I am taking the necessary steps toward working in the music industry as a career.”

Every day I see countless bands making mistakes that are costing them time, money and motivation.

I hate to say it, but the more time it takes to build momentum for your music career, the more disheartened you’ll become.

After working in the industry and seeing how big of a gap of knowledge most young bands have (and watching many of my talented peers become frustrated and give up on their musical dreams before they barely began), it’s become my life’s mission to give bands the tools, knowledge, strategies and support the need to get their music heard and make an impact on the world.

If your band is ready to get the traction + exposure you need to reach the next level, I’m SO ready to work with you to get there.


6-Month Mentorship

>> 12x 60 Minute Video Calls (2 per month)

This is where we plan, get creative and how I keep you accountable. We’ll build your release strategy, marketing plan, social media, branding and more. I’ll keep you organised, accountable and motivated.

>> Private Facebook Chat

Through group chat, I’m there each and every step of the way for daily support, accountability, questions and feedback between calls.

>> Resources & Contacts

Through my many years mentoring bands, in an active growing band myself and working in the industry I’ve created and accumulated a fantastic library of resources and contacts to help support you on your journey.

>> Access to the Being in a Band Membership

– Masterclass Library + new masterclasses delivered live monthly
– Group Q&As via Zoom (these are in addition to your private calls)
– Private BIAB Facebook community (share in each other’s wins, network and get additional support)
– Bonus resources / affiliate discounts + more!

Pricing: $2,787 USD or
$497 USD per month on a payment plan.

90-Minute Intensive

>> 90-Min Video Call

Single sessions are great for solving a particular problem. Whether you just need help with your release timeline and PR plan or want to hone your branding to position yourself in a certain way in the market, we can go through these aspects in a single session.

You’ll get a copy of the call and notes and action-items so you always know what to do next.

>> Resources & Contacts

Through my many years mentoring bands, in an active growing band myself and working in the industry I’ve created and accumulated a fantastic library of resources and contacts to help support you on your journey.

Pricing: $200 USD


“I would highly recommend this to anyone who feels they have great songs, but are stuck wondering how to move forward. Monica is an excellent teacher, with plenty of personal industry experience to back up her lessons. You’ll learn how to take your songs from mere recordings to proper releases, and hopefully set yourself up for success!”

Fictitious Me

“Monica’s engaging approach makes even the more mundane aspects of the “business” side of music fun to get into and easy to absorb. The community she has built up around her goal of educating musicians in these finer details is supportive, welcoming, and insightful, giving this perpetual outsider not only a sense of belonging but also much-needed guidance in tackling the music business.”


Our consultation with Monica covered everything we needed help with, plus more. We now feel prepared and inspired to tackle the next 12 months as a band with a whole kit of new industry knowledge, plus we feel a lot more confident in knowing what we were already doing well and what areas we need to work on. Monica is easy and fun to chat with whilst having an absolute wealth of professional experience within many avenues of the music industry; any up and coming heavy band would benefit from working with her.

Still wondering if this is for you?

>> Check out FAQs here! <<

I know more than anyone that bands have a lot of stuff they need to invest in. But there is no point paying for a great video or album if you aren’t going to ensure people hear it. You can’t leave it up to chance (I totally know you know this).

You can either keep doing what you’re doing for the next few years and pray it all pans out, or you can take the shortcut by learning exactly what you need to do in order to release and market your music in the best way possible. You can check out some case studies here.

My consulting packages are not for bands who are treating music as a hobby. If you are ready to level-up this year simply fill in the application form below and let’s chat further over a free Zoom call to see if we’re right to work together! I’d love to hear from you. 🙂🤘