How to Get on Radio

A few weeks ago I did a Facebook Live in my free Facebook group Music Marketing & Mindset for Heavy Bands/Musicians all about how to get radio play without having to hire a PR company. Often it doesn’t occur to bands I work with that they have the ability to have their songs played on…

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How to DIY a Slick Lyric Video

My band The Last Martyr released a new song last Friday! The track is called ‘Creatrix’ and it’s now available on all platforms here.

It was an audio release only however we did want to create some sort of video for it we could throw up on YouTube and use in the press release.

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How to Run a Spotify Pre-Save Campaign

If you haven’t yet heard of Spotify Pre-Save, it’s an awesome feature that enables your fans the opportunity to add your single, EP or Album to a their Spotify library or a playlist prior to it’s release. This is a HUGE deal because it helps you capitalise on hype generated in your marketing campaign for…

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