Coaching FAQs

Who is this for?
This is for serious bands releasing music in the next 6 months and wanting to make it the best release it can be! I usually work with rock/metal/punk/alternative bands (or similar) – but am not limited to those genres (social media algorithms are the same for everyone)!

How does it work, exactly?
We will have fortnightly (approx) video calls which we use for planning and a private Facebook chat which we use to communicate between times as you implement the action-items. In our first call we will set goals for our time together and beyond and over 12 weeks we’ll work primarily on your release and marketing strategy, but also anything else that comes up (I often work with clients on branding, teamwork, admin and finances, mindset and more).

We have a shared Google drive where call replays, notes and any resources I provide you are kept, and also how we share files. When we work together you are bringing me onto your team for 12 weeks, almost as if I were a manager, except my goal is always to, “teach a band to fish,” and I never act on your behalf.

How do we get the most from working with you?
It’s definitely best all members of your band and on-board prior to commencing our program (this is why we always do a free Zoom meet-and-greet prior to officially committing to anything). All band members need to be present on the Zoom calls so everyone is always on the same page and we are working as a team.

You can choose to involve me in your band’s activities as much or as little as you want during our time together but the bands who have the best results are usually the ones who utilise the Messenger chat at least a few times a week and keep me in the loop with most of the band’s activities.

Will we be famous after we’re done working together?
Well, never say never! But it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n’ roll. Anyone that can promise thousands of fans or millions of streams in a short period of time is a scam (I am firmly against buying followers – that’s SO 2015).

Ultimately, if your music is killer and you do the work required of you, I can guarantee working with me will get you WAY closer to your goals than if you released music without any sort of guidance or plan. It’ll also likely keep you from mistakes I see bands making daily that are holding them back!

I’m not sure I can afford this right now though…

Let me put it to you straight – if you don’t know how to promote yourself properly, all that money you spent on recording and videos will be poured down the drain. I can also help you DIY your PR which will save you money as well as teach you how to run your band as a business so that you save time, energy and money in the long-run (my goal is to ‘teach a band to fish’ so that your biz will be profitable and you don’t get screwed over by dodgy industry people).

But if you really don’t have the funds or it’s not the right time (such as if your release is still a ways off), the Being in a Band Membership is definitely a good option to check out!

We’re keen, what next?!
Hell yeah, just fill in the application form here! Once I receive it, I’ll contact you to book in a free Zoom call to see if we’re a good fit. From there, I’ll send a contract and invoice (this will be for the first month if you choose a payment plan) and once this is paid you’ll get a Welcome Pack with all the info you need to begin our work together. Woo! 🤘

Got more questions? Feel free to email me at!