Digital Marketing

A professional digital marketer specialising in the music industry.

Online presence is a critical component to attracting potential customers, solidifying your brand and establishing yourselves as leaders and experts in your field.  There is a big difference, however, between how a marketing campaign for a touring company would be approached, compared to a travel agency.  Or how a campaign for a real estate agency might be approached, compared to a music venue.

For one thing, the best platforms used for creative companies are completely different.  The imagery is different, language is different, and the type of content potential customers consume is often different.  Furthermore, if there’s one thing to know about music fans, it’s they are passionate.  Real passionate.  They can also usually smell in-authenticity a mile away.

As someone who has worked on both the ‘industry’ side and ‘artist’ side for almost a decade, I understand how to effectively connect with an audience and draw on that passion in order to convey a message and ultimately sell a product or service.

Suitable for: Recording Studios, Record Companies, Merch/Alternative Clothing Stores, Touring Companies, Music Magazines, Music Teachers wanting to set up a website or sell online classes, other music industry-related businesses


Specialty Services

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