Content Creation

It’s important to realise that having lots of followers doesn’t necessarily mean high engagement.  In fact, often it means the opposite!  Take fashion conglomerate, Nasty Gal, for example.  Despite having over 1 million likes on Facebook, most of their posts have less than 5 likes!  Crazy, right?

That’s not to say they aren’t a hugely successful global brand.  It’s just that Instagram is the platform that works best for their brand and they mainly sync the photos to Facebook, doing the bare minimum to hold a presence there.

Making social media work for you means creating high quality, engaging and/or informative content in various formats.  It’s not enough to simply sync your Instagram photos to your Facebook feed anymore or your Facebook posts to Twitter.

But creating original content can be time consuming and especially if you’re a small business, there isn’t much room in your day for thinking up memes or designing Facebook headers.


Areas I can assist with include:

  • Writing blogs and articles
  • Creating engaging or informative graphics
  • Creating short videos including ‘How-To’ videos, informational videos, behind the scenes etc.

I am skilled in the Adobe Suite including Photoshop, InDesign & Premiere Pro, as well as Final Cut Pro for video editing.


For more information please feel free to email me:

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