Facebook Ads: An Introduction [Replay]

Hey legend, do you want to grow your band’s audience, get more exposure & build a long-term music career?

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NOW it the time to put together a KILLER plan so that once iso-life ends, you and your band can hit the ground running!

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👉 Stop wasting time and money! It’s time to learn the strategies that actually work in 2020.

You’ll learn how to release and promote your music effectively so you’re not wasting the time, money and energy you’ve spent on your recordings.

👉 Avoid mistakes I see bands making every single day that are slowing them down or in some cases, ruining their chances of ever taking their band full-time.

This membership will remove the guesswork not only through education, but offering personalised support when you need it most.

👉 Stop doing it alone! It’s easy to feel alone, disheartened or discouraged in this industry. With the support of myself and a private Facebook community of like-minded individuals, you will never be alone on this journey again.

Not to mention that a third-party perspective, learning from others who have been in your shoes as well as being held accountable is invaluable to achieving success!


Enrolment closes in:

If you’ve made it down to the bottom of this page, I’m guessing you’re still on the fence a little. I know investing in something like this can be scary – especially in the current global climate.

This is why I really wanted to ensure this membership was affordable and with the monthly plan and a 7 day trial – you can also cancel any time!

But I urge you to ask yourself, is it better to spend a few more years trying to figure it out yourself, most-likely wasting time, money and motivation in the process?

Or would you rather get the exact knowledge, strategies & support you need to nail the business side of your band and put you on the path to succeed?

I’ve been where you are – so badly wanting my band to be big but feeling confused and overwhelmed on how to get there.

If you’re ready to level up this year, the Being in a Band Membership is ready for you.

I’d be honoured to help you reach your goals!

Any questions – email me at contact@monicastrut.com! <3