How to DIY a Slick Lyric Video

My band The Last Martyr released a new song last Friday! The track is called ‘Creatrix’ and it’s now available on all platforms here.

It was an audio release only however we did want to create some sort of video for it we could throw up on YouTube and use in the press release (as a Spotify link for example wouldn’t be available until the day of release and we wanted media to have the jump on the tune).

We also needed something put together fairly quickly that actually looked pro (because let’s face it, it’s super easy for lyric or audio-only videos to look kind of dodgy). We ended up finding the perfect solution. Many of the peeps in my Facebook group Music Marketing and Mindset for Heavy Bands/Musicians (come join the community, it’s rad) were asking about it so I thought I’d share it with you!

Our new single/lyric video ‘Creatrix’ – probably my fav lyrics off the EP as well!

To DIY the video we ended up using a template we bought from and the exact template we used was called The Marauder.

You need to use the template on Adobe After Effects which you can grab as part of a monthly Adobe subscription. It’s not the easiest platform to use but luckily the templates from Lyric Catalyst come with tutorials which helps heaps.

Anyway, hope this was helpful! I always get asked about lyric videos and how to do them so I’m glad we found this option and the good thing is because we bought the template, we can create more like this in the future (which we’ll probably do for the other tracks on the EP that don’t have music videos).