How to Get More (Organic) Views on Your Video Clips

So, you have a killer video clip.  No doubt you’ve used my free download ‘How To Plan a Video Clip’ to organise it (if you haven’t, you can click here to get it).  Now what?

YouTube is a different beast to Facebook and Instagram. It’s a platform where users can actually ‘discover’ new artists. In fact it’s basically a search engine where people can find practically anything and everything entertainment-wise or education-related and being owned by Google, that makes total sense, right!

Whilst PR and plugging on your other social platforms is definitely important, there are ways you can set up your YouTube video to ensure you hone in on some organic reach as well! This article will cover not only how to set up your YouTube video to get more videos, but also best practice to increase the chances of viewers following and streaming on other platforms.


Sounds basic but there’s a lot of noise on YouTube.  So the best way you can get your views up is by creating a video that people actually want to watch more than once as well as share! Obviously, the quality of your music comes into this too.


Your thumbnail should be the most interesting scene of your video, crystal clear and colourful. Colour attracts the eyes and don’t be afraid to switch up the thumbnails every now and again to figure out what the most attractive image is.


When people are searching for you they’re usually going to search by song name or band name.  The cleanest way is to start with your song name, put a dash, the band name and then in brackets “Official Video” or “Official Audio.”  This tells people watching it that they’re getting the highest quality version and it just looks more pro.

e.g. Song Name – Band Name (Official Video)


Tags help people find your video and if you use them wisely you can not only attract existing followers, but new ones too.

Tag your band name (correct and any incorrect spellings people may put in), the song name, similar bands to you both local and international, other relevant search words such as, ‘Californian hardcore,’ etc.


The category to select should always be ‘Music.’ This is the correct category for music videos and ensures you’re a part of Youtube Music, which is really taking off right now.


There are a few key elements which need to be included in your description.


The first few lines contribute significantly to the searchability of the video so not only does rephrasing the title in the first line give people a nice intro to what your video is about, but increases the chances of your target demographic finding you.

Try to reword the title of the video and also add in a few keywords people are likely to search.

For example, ‘New single, ‘Into the Black’ by Australian post-hardcore band, The Last Martyr.


YouTube only displays the first two or three lines of your description box and the rest is only visible if people click ‘Show More.’

So straight after you rephrase the title, do include your CTA. Putting your CTA here means people are more likely to click the link because they don’t need to perform any extra steps in order to see it.


The next most important info to put in your description is your social media links. The reason why your social links work best here is that many people will not have the attention span to read your whole description and you want to make it easy for people to follow you.


Whilst the first few lines of the description box contribute significantly to your video appearing in relevant searches, the rest of your description box still counts as well. Often people will search the lyrics of a song when they can’t remember the title or band name which is why is so important to include them in the description.

It also means people can learn the words and sing along at home or at live shows, which has got to be the best type of engagement, right!


Of course, you should always give credit to the producer of the song, director of the video, on set photographer, engineer and anyone else that contributed to this awesome project!

You never know, people could be searching for the specific producer or director but more importantly this gives credit where credit is due and makes you seem more professional.


Lastly, list your band members. This is useful for when media are reviewing your single as it makes the info easy to find and will also ensure the video appears on the side of any interviews your band members do, that are uploaded to YouTube.


Playlists are incredible for not only keeping people watching your videos, but for the discovery of your videos. Creating a playlist with all your official videos, for example, means that after someone has finished watching one video, another of your videos will autoplay, upping the view count.

Playlists also rank highly on Google so think carefully about what you name your playlists and what people, who are into your style of music, would likely be searching.


When visitors come to your channel for the first time you should always have a featured video. This should be your latest single or the video that has the most views especially if it’s been a while since the last single was released.  Your Featured Video will autoplay when they land on your channel therefore automatically sparking interest and upping that view-count.

The blog post has been adapted from my new book, Social Media Shredder: Use Social Media To Grow Your Bands Audience and Reach the Next Level in Your Career! Grab it in paperback or eBook on Amazon now!