How to Get on Radio

A few weeks ago I did a Facebook Live in my free Facebook group Music Marketing & Mindset for Heavy Bands/Musicians all about how to get radio play without having to hire a PR company.

Often it doesn’t occur to bands I work with that they have the ability to have their songs played on radio which is crazy because it’s actually super easy!

Before we get into the tips, don’t roll your eyes but I have to say it. Before you even think of pitching yourself to a radio station, you need to ensure your songs are of radio standard. There’s no point pitching demos and even if stations did play the tracks, they’d likely be sitting alongside tracks recorded professionally and that’s just a waste of a first impression.

These tips are mainly for Aussie bands by the way and they’re all FREE!

AMRAP’s AirIt Program

AMRAP stands for Australian Music Radio Airplay Project and the AirIt program is a service that distributes Australian music to community radio stations nation-wide as well as helps broadcasters promote music on air and online. Anyone can browse Amrap’s AirIt catalogue but only authorised radio users can login to access and order music for free.

Artists can apply here to get their music distributed through the AirIt program and once approved they’ll have national distribution to all of Australia’s community radio stations! Never underestimate the power of community radio. There are many amazing radio shows that seek to promote heavy music specifically and due to the nature of community radio that hones in on a specific genre, the listeners are quality.

Triple J Unearthed

Many of you will already know of Triple J Unearthed but have you actually uploaded your music to it? Heavy music is huge on Triple J right now so it’s the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon and get your music up there. The presenters of the new music and heavy music shows are SO PASSIONATE about discovering awesome new music and supporting the local scene.

If you are already on Triple J Unearthed consider upping the promo to your audience a bit more. Get them to leave you reviews, direct fans specifically to Unearthed when you release new music and if you do get played, make sure you’re telling everyone to text in and give some positive feedback! Triple J is powerful, milk that shit for all it’s worth!

Triple M’s Homegrown

Homegrown is a new music radio show on commercial radio station, Triple M. It airs through Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide and you can actually just email them directly with submissions. Being a commercial radio station independent artists don’t have that much pull as opposed to if an inquiry coming from a PR company for example. That’s just how it is. But hey, you have nothing to lose.

All the info to submit can be found on their Twitter page.

Directly Contact Radio Stations

This one is all about putting your head down and doing some good old fashioned research. Yes AMRAP’s AirIt distributes new music to community radio stations but it doesn’t hurt to contact specific radio stations you want to be played on, directly. I’m mainly talking about small community radio stations again with this point. Except this time, you can go international.

FBI radio in Sydney has a number of heavy music radio shows and is a pretty big station.

SYN is also a really supportive radio station based in Melbourne that is worthwhile getting in contact with.

But there are heaps more, especially when you start researching overseas. The USA alone has hundreds of smaller radio stations purely due to the fact they have the population! The sky is really the limit so it’s all about how much time and effort you want to put into getting radio play (and I hope it’s a lot)