How to Navigate a Drop in Engagement (Should You Start All Over Again?)

Jayson Evans and I connected on Instagram about a month or so ago after he found me through a hashtag. A HASHTAG!
Since then we’ve released we’ve had a lot in common. Not only is he in a similar space to me as a podcaster and consultant for music artists, but we also share a lot of the same outlook and values both being musicians ourselves as well as having worked in many different facets of the music industry.

He was a producer and owned a label for a while and as you guys know I have worked in music media for over 6 years.

Super stoked to be his first ever podcast guest (he normally does solo episodes) and to collaborate on answering one of his audience members’ questions!

Many of us have probably seen a decline in growth on our social channels since Facebook and Instagram decided to hide the number likes shown on each post (although not all countries have this update yet).

As we explain in this episode, the decline in likes is something we are all experiencing and this can be super frustrating as we are so used to having that validation that people find our content interesting.

The question some of us may have is that if people aren’t finding us interesting enough to engage on our content (likes, comments, shares), does this mean we don’t have the right type of people following or is what we are doing wrong. Should we start again from scratch?

This is the very question answered in this episode. We also talk about social media, branding (and re-branding), market positioning and the differences between growing an audience as a heavy band and another type of artist e.g. in the pop or hip-hop genres.

I highly recommend you chuck Jayson a follow, he really knows what he is talking about and the way he delivers his podcast is super down-to-earth, yet valuable and easy to digest. I’ve listened to pretty much all his episodes and I can’t recommend his podcast enough!

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Also check out his book, The 4D Songwriter. I have just started to read it and will be doing a full review soon. But I’ve heard a lot about the concepts from having him on my podcast (episode airing soon) and also if it’s anything like his other content, it’s definitely going to be epic!

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He also runs a new music marketing platform called Listen Pages which will is in it’s beta phase now but will be launching really soon. So keep an eye out for that!