How to Run a Spotify Pre-Save Campaign

If you haven’t yet heard of Spotify Pre-Save, it’s an awesome feature that enables your fans the opportunity to add your single, EP or Album to a their Spotify library or a playlist prior to it’s release.

This is a HUGE deal because it helps you capitalise on hype generated in your marketing campaign for that release by allowing your fans to actually take action. This means by the time the release goes live, you’re already a step ahead of the game in terms of getting your music heard causing your release to have a bigger impact on the day.

The side benefit is that it also captures your fans’ data which you can use to build your email list! Email marketing is still one of the best ways to get a message to your audience.

There are a few ways to run a Pre-Save Campaign on Spotify and companies that will actually set it up for you. However while this isn’t the most straight-forward process, you can def set this up yourself!

Setting up the Campaign

Step 1: Set a release date.

If you have a launch show I’d recommend setting the release date about a week in advance to help hype the show.

Step 2: Choose a pre-save date.

Step To allow plenty of time for people to take advantage of the pre-save feature, I recommend allowing a month prior to the release date for your followers to pre-save the release.

Step 3: Upload Music for Digital Distribution

Whether you’re going with CD Baby (which I recommend, I’ll tell you why in a sec), TuneCore, Ditto or another digi distribution service, upload the track/album as normal. However be aware you will need to submit your music ideally 4-6 weeks before the release date to allow time to promote the campaign.

Usually distro services can get your music to Spotify within 1 week however some do say the process could take up to 14 days. Leaving 4-6 weeks will allow the digital distro 2 weeks to submit your tracks, then an additional 2-4 weeks to actually promote the pre-save feature.

Step 4: Get your Spotify URI 

The URI is the unique identifying code for the track/album. It’s unfortunately not something you can source on your own if your music isn’t already live on Spotify, which in this case, it won’t be.

You will need to get the URI directly from your distributor. This is another reason you want to leave a little extra time when submitting your music; you want to leave enough time for them to get back to you with the info.

Step 5: Register with is a service that actually sets up the pre-save campaign. It’s available free for CD Baby Customers which is why it’s highly recommended you go through CD Baby when running pre-save campaigns.

Once you’ve set up an account:

  • Select ‘New Campaign’
  • Choose ‘Social Unlock’
  • Click ‘Add to my Music’ from campaign-type dropdown menu
  • Enter Spotify URI for the song/album (Request via CD Baby here)
  • Enter release date
  • Customise the design and message of your campaign
Select ‘Social Unlock’

Another platform is which looks pretty cool. Which platform you use depends on your budget. For an EP or Album you may want to spent that bit extra to maximise promotion.

Tip: How you market your release is important.  Think of a sentence at the core of your song or album that will hook in listeners.  Some examples CD Baby had are, “Hear the song that got us kicked off stage,” or “Hear the song that made me move 500 miles from home.”

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Step 6: Promote!

Next up, promote that baby! Direct people to the link all over socials consistently in the weeks leading up to the release, email your subscribers, embed it on your website and chance all the links on your socials i.e. Instagram bio to direct followers to where they can pre-save the song.

You may like to offer your followers an incentive to pre-save. Free merch or show tickets usually doesn’t go astray!

If you and your band are looking to gain more knowledge on how you can promote your pre-save campaign to maximise exposure and increase chances of getting on sort after playlists, grab my free social media training below!