How to Shred the Rest of 2019

It’s mid-way through the year and if your band isn’t where you thought you’d be, I got you. There’s still 6 months left to the year and the perfect time to start planning for the rest of the year and into early next year.

Whether you want to rapidly raise your band’s profile to start getting bigger supports or even festival opening slots, or if you’ve been holding out on booking studio time to smash a few singles or an EP, or even just taking new band photos, let’s get that shit done!

It can be easy to feel discouraged at this time of year if we’re not quite where we thought we’d be.  It’s easy to stay on that slow-moving procrastination train but do you know what’s not easy? Getting to December and wishing you’d taken action 6 months ago on something.

So here’s what you can do.


Write down 3 goals you had a the beginning of the year that you’ve not yet taken action towards.  This part should be easy!

If you have taken action but didn’t get your desired result (i.e. applied for a support slot but didn’t get it), that’s fine.  I only want you to write down stuff that you are still yet to do.


Maybe you haven’t booked studio time because you’re scared of what people might think of your songs? 

Maybe you haven’t booked a band photoshoot yet because you are about to kick your bassist out of the band yet you’re too scared to tell them?

Or maybe you’re been delaying filming your video because you’ve sworn you’re going to get super buff but your gym membership has expired?

Or maybe you just don’t know wtf to do to get on the radio or apply for bigger shows?


If you’re reading this blog I KNOW you are a go-getter and will do anything for your band to succeed, trust me.  There IS a deeper reason why you haven’t hit your goals yet, you just need to figure it out.  This is hard stuff to work through but you MUST if you want to move forward.

Girl in leather jacket setting goals with podcasting mid


If you need new band photos, research photographers for 30min on your lunch break.  If you are wanting to leave your band and go solo, map out what that’s going to look like to make you feel better about chatting to your bandmates.  If you aren’t sure which direction your band needs to take to progress forward, find a resource that can help.

Check out my post about Top 5 Resources for Musicians or find someone in the industry (a manager, booking agent) and ask if they do consultancy work.

Guaranteed there is one thing you can do RIGHT NOW to move closer.

If you do these exercises let me know in the comments below or sending me a DM on Instagram.  I would love if you shared this post with anyone who needs a kick up the butt right now (hello, probs your drummer amiright? Kidding!!)

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