Isn’t it Time to Get the Exposure Your Band Deserves?

As an emerging band, your job is to not only produce good music, but get exposure for it.

But it can be hard to know where to begin in promoting your releases and shows. With constant algorithm changes and the unpredictability of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you certainly can’t rely solely on social media if you want to get the word out to the masses!

The last thing you want to happen is to invest a shittone of time, energy and MONEY into a video clip, EP or Album onto to put it out into the world and hear *crickets.* It’s devastating and a surefire way to lose your passion for music.

PR plays a HUGE part in gaining credibility and exposure as a band.

Feature articles, interviews, reviews, radio play and being added to Spotify playlists can not only put your band in front of new audiences but enable you to become credible as an act to move past the local circuit and onto bigger things.

I truly believe that PR is an essential part of getting your band to the next level. But hiring a PR company can be expensive and not every band is ready to invest, particularly when they’re just starting out.

Furthermore, not every band is ready to hire someone to look after their PR campaigns. In many cases bands can – and should – look after their own PR, especially early on in their careers.

But you need to do it right.

When I was managing the social media for a well-known media publication, I saw bands make mistakes when promoting themselves and reaching out for opportunities that could potentially cost them dearly in the long term.

At the same time I saw bands getting frustrated when their awesome music didn’t get the traction they thought it should. Yet they were stuck when it came to how to get more exposure.

So, after 6 years of working in music media and as a musician myself, I decided to put together an online course that would help bands avoid common mistakes when reaching out for media features, radio play and more.

This course is PR Made Simple.