Marketing Tips from ‘Fear’ – 1 Year On

The Last Martyr is celebrating 1 year of our third single, Fear! 🌹🎉

I thought I’d use the opportunity to talk about some of the marketing and branding strategies we used to promote the track that you can EASILY do too!

This has been our most-streamed song to date with over 62K streams, nearly 30K listeners and 2.6K saves on Spotify alone!

Reflecting 1 year on, I wanted to give you a BTS look into not only promoting, ‘Fear’ but establishing who we are as a relatively new band who hadn’t even played their first show yet!

P.S. This was SO FUN for me to put together so if you want more of these types of posts please be sure to leave me a comment!

P.P.S. Not sure this has to be said but just in case…There was a lot more to our campaign than what is listed below including Facebook Ads and PR. We pushed Spotify pretty hard which landed us in the algorithmic playlists and is why we had such high stats. Your band may have different results. Regardless, I hope the below gives you some good marketing and branding ideas!!

Claustrophobic and anxiety-inducing…From the very outset we are introduced to the world of “Fear”, a dark and glitchy place where paranoia reigns. The use of gloomy lighting, quick rhythmic cuts and a seldom stationary camera all contribute to this feeling of unease, which was Blackley’s goal all along.

Clipped TV

Read more about the video concept from director, David Owen Blackly, on in this Clipped TV feature.

Teasing the Song

We started teasing the song a little over a week before it actually came out using screen grabs from the video which our director exported for us (so they were high quality).

This is a really good way to repurpose existing content whilst also reminding people you have a new track coming out and to pre-sav/pre-order it!

The Rose Motif

We used a rose emoji motif 🌹 during the lead up and throughout the launch period which was an easy reference to the video. But this also represented the idea of fear being something negative at first (the thorn) but beautiful once you move through it (the flower).

Each time something about the track was shared on social media (both on the band page and personal pages), whether that be a news article, interview or other visual, we always used the rose emoji to tie everything in.

We continued this concept in our IG stories with rose petals overlayed on top of the video clip.

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Creating a Brand

The clip itself was supposed to visually carry on from our first single/video, Into the Black. The concept of Into the Black stemmed around the theme of depression and the fact that through our darkest times come our greatest lessons.

The lyrical themes of Fear centered around breaking free of what is comfortable which we felt carried on the story nicely from the prior release, whilst also further developing the visuals around who The Last Martyr are and our entire vibe.

We chose to wear the same outfits in some scenes, reused the neon lighting and even shot in the same location!

Behind the Scenes

I recommend to all bands that I work with that they shoot BTS videos and photos. It’s easy content and allows your audience to get a glimpse of your personalities which will deeper the connection and turn your ‘followers’ into lifelong ‘fans!’