Motivation Meltdown

Last night I went to dinner with a friend who is a freelance UX designer.  We often catch up during the week to work on projects together and help motivate each other to achieve our to do lists each week.  During our meal, we got talking about the days where you really know something needs to get done, but literally CBF due to being overworked, tired or just having a shit day.

Today was a day where I had a bunch of things I needed to do for the band – upload tracks for digital distro, write YouTube descriptions, update our PR, update social media… but due to a crazy week, motivating myself to get it done was a struggle.

Two years ago I had a serious case of burn out.  I was working full time in a job I hated that I’d been at FAR too long and trying so hard to get my dysfunctional band to work together and push through the glass ceiling of the music industry and having panic attacks on the reg.

The result was a move to Melbourne and long break from music until I built up the energy and knowledge I needed to be productive again.

I am so aware of this history whenever I have days like today where I literally CBF doing anything that doesn’t involve lying on the couch binge-watching YouTube videos, I procrastinate and tell myself maybe I just need to rest.  Self care is SO important and I constantly preach about it to my network.  But as I sat at dinner with my friend last night, I realised that sometimes I personally have used ‘self care’ as an excuse to procrastinate.

So I’m going to give you guys my number one tip on how to push through the procrastination when you REALLY need to get shit done.

Just start.

Pushing through that initial 10 minutes, half an hour or hour of procrastination feels uncomfortable.  But no one ever achieved anything by staying in their comfort zone.  Once you begin, that uncomfortably will gradually start to transition into a productive workflow especially when you start ticking items off your to do list.

There is no perfect time to begin.  I began this blog on a whim with a website that wan’t fully complete and it’s now had over 2K views in only a few weeks.  Imperfect, messy action is better than no action at all and sometimes we just need to (hu)man the fuck up and DO IT.  Once we start, eventually momentum builds and turns into productivity.

If there’s something you really need to do today, this is your cue to START and get it done!   Writing this was MY cue to start and get shit done, let’s do this.