Music Marketing First Aid – Chat with the Self Starter Podcast

I recently had a chat with Andy Dowling who is the host of the Self Starter Podcast.
Andy and I have chatted on a few occasions, in fact, the interview I did on his other podcast, Andy Social Podcast (which you can check out here), was one of my first after starting the business!

We talk a lot about imposter syndrome which is something I’m passionate about (or rather, helping others overcome).

We also touch on what I did to prepare to launch my business and the power of getting a business coach to help you stop procrastinating and kick some goals!

Shoutout to my coach Erin May Henry of the Gamechanger Company for the huge role you played in my journey.

Show Notes

Monica Strut could be seen as a first aid specialist when it comes to musician social medial and digital marketing. Responding to the call of bands who are in crisis and needing consulting and support, Monica is providing her expertise to help musicians succeed in the often murky waters of the music industry and online marketing.

Starting out on your own is tough, especially when you’re branding yourself as the product/service. Monica made the decision to put her name and personal reputation on the line rather than utilising a business name. No doubt a daunting decision but it has brought Monica many advantages including a relatable, trust worthy resource for people who are on the hunt for help and it also building her own profile as a subject matter expert within the industry.

As a musician herself, Monica has seen the mistakes made first hand and has watched as peers have given up on their music pursuits. Monica is using these real life experiences to create tangible resources and tools for others. She’s also using these experiences as a personal and professional compass to ensure that her goals to impact and help others are always in sight/focus.

In our chat, Monica talks about how she has been taking a measured approach when it comes to building her business, managing it all on the side of a day job, how she got started with consulting and how her decisions to invest heavily in herself, such as using business coaches, have impacted her success to date. It’s a daunting journey but as Monica shows, you don’t have to do it on your own.

Check out key takeaways from this episode on the Self Starter website here.

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