Overwhelmed by Social Media?

If you’re in a band, you’re an entrepreneur.  There’s no doubt we’re in an amazing time where we can all use social media to get our names out there, reach more people and cultivate genuine and loyal fans that come to your shows and buy your music.

However, most people are using social media incorrectly. Did you know that people use Instagram for completely different reasons to Facebook?  And if you’re posting the same content across all social media accounts, well, why would people bother following you on more than one platform?

If you know you could be utilising social media more but the whole deal gets a bit overwhelming, don’t worry dude/dudette, I have you covered!

I’ve developed a free 5-day email series, specifically for bands, where you’ll quickly learn not only the differences between social platforms, which types of content work best importantly why people use each platform.

Once you sign up you’ll receive an email every day for 5 days with quick and easy tips you can implement right now, to make the algorithms work for you and really up-level your social media presence.  It’s amazing how quickly potential fans and the industry can form an impression of a band just by looking at their Instagram or Facebook pages.

I’ve also included a bunch of examples of amazing local bands you can stalk on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube who are KILLING their social media game!

AND! As a bonus you’ll also receive a super-valuable Content Ideas Downloadable PDF which will be perfect for those days when you have no idea WTF to post.

You will finish the week with a bank of knowledge, resources and tools which will convert you from thinking like a ‘user’ to thinking like a marketer in turn, upping your band’s social media game.

I hope you guys find this series helpful.  If you do I’d love you to DM me or send me an email and let me know.  I’m really excited for us all to kick ass in 2019 with our bands!