Should Your Band Be Using Twitter?

Twitter is one of the OG social media platforms and it’s one that causes a lot of confusion for bands. Although Twitter isn’t as big in Australia as it is overseas, it’s still one of the big four social media platforms active today (the others being Facebook, Instagram and YouTube).

So here’s the lowdown on Twitter and some clarification on whether your band should be using Twitter to get more exposure.

So the first thing to know is that the biggest single reason people use Twitter is to keep up with and share news. In fact, a whopping 24.6% of Twitter users are journalists or media outlets! That’s huge!

Given so many media outlets use Twitter, from my experience working in media and also in bands, the press and radio will often be tweeting your reviews or announcing when your songs are being spun on their show. This is definitely something that adds to your credibility and hype as a band.

The second thing to note is that considering Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms, it has really good SEO i.e. ranks really highly on Google. In other words, if you have a Twitter account, if someone Googles your band name, it’s likely your Twitter account will appear on the first page.

In saying this, when building an online presence as an independent band, it’s really important you don’t spread yourself too thin. Let’s face it, bands have a lot to think about and the last thing we want is to become overwhelmed or dilute our impact (which is what can happen if we try to direct our audience to too many platforms).

I do recommend having a Twitter account, but using it as more of a supporting platform for SEO and for credibility through retweeting reviews, interviews and radio play announcements. Doing so also communicates to the media that you appreciate their support and I definitely recommend it. Especially since Facebook and Instagram notifications can get lost in the mix.

However your target demographic are more likely going to be on Facebook and Instagram and for this reason, Twitter is not the place you want to spend a lot of time. Your energy is much better spent building your communities on these other platforms.

So whilst I don’t recommend cross-sharing your Instagram posts on Facebook (it just looks messy if you have hashtags and if you do this for every post you’re not giving your audience an incentive to follow both accounts if the content is the exact same), you can get away with sharing your Instagram posts on Twitter. This is the easiest way to keep your Twitter up to date with minimal effort.

Then whenever you receive a notification of a mention, that’s when you can jump on, reply and retweet. As your band grows in popularity I do advise to start putting a little more effort in (your audience will be bigger and therefore the demand from communication from you will be higher), but in the beginning just concentrate on Facebook and Instagram. Have an account, but don’t stress to much about it.

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